Rocko Iremashvili featured in European Cultural Centre biennial display in Venice

Two paintings and a life-size sculpture comprise the selection of works by Iremashvili for the Venice display. Photo via Rocko Iremashvili on Instagram, 16 Nov 2022 - 15:18, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian artist Rocko Iremashvili is among nearly 200 creatives featured at Venice's three historical venues in the European Cultural Centre's biennial display Personal Structures.

Selected to feature in the sixth edition of the contemporary art show, themed this year on "reflections", Iremashvili is presented in the selection by the National Gallery venue in Tbilisi, one of the spaces of the Georgian National Museum network.

The preview for the artist's works by organisers noted the themes of "social protest, political sarcasm, vanity and compassion" in his practice - which has encompassed a variety of formats ranging from large-scale painting to multimedia and from video to sculpture.

As envisioned by the ECC Italy curatorial team, the act of reflecting carries the potential to foresee possibilities and the responsibility of imagining a better future

- Organisers' summary for exhibition

Curators also noted it was "not rare to see modern rethinks of ancient and religious scenes beside global and eternity thematic in his works".