Nika Qutelia among artists exhibiting at London club's AI display

Models in the display have been generated by AI using inputs reflecting the style of works by featured artists. Images via Nika Qutelia on Facebook, 05 Sep 2023 - 13:16, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian digital artist Nika Qutelia will feature in a display of AI-generated work at London's recently launched Shoreditch Arts Club this week, joining a roster of creatives in an event marking a new online AI art platform.

The Exhibition will look to promote the platform of the same name, which organisers say aims to support a form of AI art creation that involves respect for authorship, on the backdrop of artist concerns about AI-generated imagery created from human-created work without credits to the original authors.

While the works created for the exhibition have been produced by AI using the original style of featured artists, the models created in the process "belong to artists, and the artists can also sell their work via the platform", the hosts noted.