Tbilisi Triennial bringing installations, shows exploring microclimate and education

Georgia's Video.Image platform and artist Sandro Sulaberidze created the work 'Where am I? Does the Full Circle Describe Reality?' for exploring the question of whether digital spaces can substitute the physical world. Photo: Tbilisi Triennial

Agenda.ge, 17 Oct 2022 - 16:10, Tbilisi,Georgia

A roster of contemporary artists and collectives from Georgia and abroad is bringing their works to the fourth edition of Tbilisi Triennial, with the event themed around Microclimate/Education looking at ways of creating a dynamic environment for learning.

In seven locations, mostly in capital Tbilisi, creatives ranging from Berlin's Floating University to Korea's Eelkwon Kim are presenting their works along with Georgian artists from Circe Platform's Maka Kiladze to a collaborative show involving the Georgian video art archive and Sandro Sulaberidze.

In their summary for the latest Triennial edition, organisers from Centre of Contemporary Art - Tbilisi have said their event "brings together two strands of inquiry" that have characterised their platform over the past 10 years - site-based practices and educational experimentation.

They have introduced their look at microclimate as "certain dynamic equilibriums, certain atmospheres of exploration, lie at the heart of true learning processes", with the dynamic representing a space "where the real work lies".

Microclimate/Education will look to focus and encourage the construction of this environment by bringing together makers, thinkers, and learners who engage in the specificity of place and who expand conditions of learning

- Tbilisi Triennial organisers

In this attempt, the event has been hosting works like the interactive video by Sulaberidze and the Video.Image project, unveiled at the opening earlier this month at CCA and exploring the question of whether digital spaces can substitute the physical world in the wake of its assumption of wider roles in the pandemic.