Children’s entertainment venues, cinemas, theatres reopen after year-long pause

 Museums, libraries, public and private kindergartens have resumed work since March 1 throughout the country. Photo:, 01 Apr 2021 - 14:54, Tbilisi,Georgia

Children’s entertainment venues, cinemas and theatres which have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic reopened today after a year-long pause.

Wearing a face mask for spectators is mandatory during events in theatres. Thermoscreening is mandatory in children’s entertainment centres and a limit is set on the number of guests. No more than 40 individuals will be allowed in entertainment venues”, said Beka Peradze, head of the Labor Inspection Department.

Restaurants recently reopened on March 1 in the Black Sea resort town of  Batumi and later in other cities too.

Live performances at food venues have been permitted since March 19.

Private public kindergartens, museums and libraries  have also resumed work since March 1 throughout the country.