Disintegrating clifgside cuts off access to Gudamakari Valley in Georgia's northeast

Vehicle access to villages of the mountainous location has been blocked as a result of the rockfall. Photo via National Environmental Agency.

Agenda.ge, 24 Mar 2021 - 18:57, Tbilisi,Georgia

A disintegrating cliffside section has blocked access to northeastern Georgia's Gudamakari Valley, with preparations underway for clearing the road and reconnecting villages of the mountainous area to locations to the south.

The disintegration of sections of the roadside cliff formation had been partially caused by increased precipitation on the section on Tuesday, the National Environmental Agency said.

The natural phenomenon affected the Oshpiteli-Gudamakari section of the only road connecting the valley to the town of Pasanauri in the south, with regional news website reginfo reporting 22 villages cut off as a result.

The National Environmental Agency was notified by local authorities of the Dusheti Municipality about the development the same day, with geologists from the organisation arriving at the location earlier on Wednesday.

Conducting "preliminary studies" on the site, the group of experts made observations about a possibility of further disintegration of sections of the cliffside, the agency said. The threat prevented immediate work on restoring the road connection.

The professionals also issuied recommendations for clearing the disintegrated section, and for installing chain barriers limiting the extent of a future rockfall. Works for repairing the road section are to be initiated.