MEP Kubilius: It’s time for real Euroatlantic integration of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova

He also compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to Hitler, stating that now Putin is blackmailing the West on the future of Ukraine and Georgia, like Hitler did with Czechoslovakia. Photo: Andrius Kubilius/Twitter., 15 Dec 2021 - 11:19, Tbilisi,Georgia

Lithuanian MEP Andrius Kubilius has stated that it is time to ‘move forward with the real Euroatlantic integration’ of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, noting that otherwise ‘it will become clear that the future of these countries is sacrificed for the appeasement of Putin.’

He said that the process of integration should begin from the Eastern Partnership (EaP) Summit which will be held today and be moved forward with a map for NATO membership.

Kubilius also responded to Russia’s recent statement addressing NATO member states to rescind the 2008 Bucharest Summit declaration supporting Georgia and Ukraine's bid to become members of the alliance and underscored that Russia should not be allowed to blackmail west.