PM Garibashvili urges public to join ruling party assembly ‘for Georgia’s stability, development’

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili has urged the public to join the ruling party’s ‘large assembly’ in central Tbilisi on October 27. Photo: government of Georgia press office., 25 Oct 2021 - 18:12, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili has urged the public to participate in a large assembly in central Tbilisi on October 27, scheduled by the ruling Georgian Dream (GD) party ahead of municipal elections run-offs on Saturday. 

I urge every citizen of the country, who supports peaceful, stable development of the country, who are against the violence and injustice which took place under the United National Movement (UNM) government, to participate in the peaceful assembly,” Garibashvili said. 

He stated that the opposition is trying to portray the assembly as a counter-rally to the UNM rally in central Tbilisi on October 14, where demonstrators demanded the release of former president Mikheil Saakashvili from prison. 

What the GD plans is not a protest rally. What we need is peace, stability and development, and during the assembly we would remind the public of the necessity. The ruling party candidates’ decisive victory in run-offs is crucial to achieve the goal,” Garibashvili said.

The GD announced earlier today that they would hold an ‘assembly of its supporters’ on central Freedom Square in the capital Tbilisi on Wednesday.

GD head Irakli Kobakhidze urged the public to actively participate in municipal election run-offs on October 30, ‘to ensure the victory of the ruling party candidates in all 20 constituencies.’ 

Only several days are left before run-offs. We are destined for victory in all constituencies where the second round of elections is scheduled,” Kobakhidze said.

The opposition has accused the ruling party of organising a counter-rally. 

The municipal election run-offs will be held in 20 of 64 mayoral and majoritarian election constituencies.