Labour Party supporter stabbed at polling station in Marneuli

The Labour Party accuses Georgian Dream, while the latter points the fingers at the United national Movement. Photo: IPN, 02 Oct 2021 - 19:32, Tbilisi,Georgia

An opposition Labour Party supporter has been allegedly stabbed at polling station No. 52 in Marneuli, Kvemo Kartli region. 

Eivaz Mamedov, 35, has been delivered to the hospital. The Labour Party member Ali Badirov accuses ruling Georgian Dream party supporter Gurkhan Ramazanov. 

I was at another polling station when an active voter contacted me and told me that Georgian Dream supporter Gulkhan Ramazanov stabbed our major supporter in the village of Dashtapa Eivaz Mamedov with a knife”, Badirov said. 

Head of the polling station No. 52 has meanwhile noted that the confrontation took place outside the building therefore s/he is not aware of the developments. 

Meanwhile, the Georgian Dream majoritarian candidate in Marneuli-Gardabani Zaur Dargali claims the ruling party supporter has nothing to do with the offence. He instead says the Labour party supporter was stabbed by the opposition United National Movement supporter.

Interior Ministry, which has launched investigation the investigation, says a verbal confrontation between Eivaz Mamedov and Gurkhan Ramazanov grew into a physical offence.

The ministry said that Ramazanov, who was drunk and injured Mamedov got injured himself as well. Stressing that all of the individuals involved in the incident have been identified and the witnesses interrogated, the ministry promises to arrest the offender.