Street art platform All City Canvas picks Tbilisi mural for November top selection

'Living in a Golden Cage' was created by innerfields on Tbilisi's Chavchavadze Avenue last year. Photo: innerfields/via All City Canvas., 16 Dec 2020 - 14:43, Tbilisi,Georgia

A mural in downtown Tbilisi has been picked at the top of the month of November selections from around the world by All City Canvas, a street art platform celebrating examples of urban creativity from across the world.

The piece, created by German artist trio innerfields on capital city's Chavchavadze Avenue, tops the list of artworks that also feature murals from Bayonne in France, Naples in Italy, Chelyabinsk in Russia and Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Painted on the side of an office building on one of Tbilisi's major avenues during the 2019 Tbilisi Mural Fest, Living in a Golden Cage contributed to the festival that aimed to “transform Georgia’s capital into a public exhibition space”.

[The] title [...] evidences metaphor, image and meaning in relation to our dependence on technology [with] the man who lies locked in a golden cage which holds a cell phone in his hands.

On his head rests headphones and on his face he wears dark glasses and a mask, as a symbol of the new reality that we are living," said a brief summary of the work from All City Canvas.

Curators of the website called the innerfields piece a "mural with a lot of meaning", while works of the entire selection of November were praised as "simply amazing". The full pick of the five murals can be viewed here.

innerfields came back to Georgia this year to create further works for the inaugural KIU Mural Fest, a complementary festival launched at the grounds of the recently unveiled Kutaisi International University in Georgia's west.

The German artists were joined by other creatives from Europe in creating artwork on facades of the university campus in October.