Tbilisi Mural Fest: renowned European artists to turn city into “public exhibition space”

  • A work by El Bocho displayed at the Beauty Fair Bologna. Photo: elbocho.net.

Agenda.ge, 9 Sep 2019 - 17:08, Tbilisi,Georgia

Renowned street artists from European cities will bring their paints, tools and talent to Georgia for the first-ever Tbilisi Mural Fest, adding colours to urban scenes of the city starting next week.


The likes of El Bocho, CASE Maclaim and creative duo Quinte55enz have been booked to “transform Georgia’s capital into a public exhibition space” for ten days of the festival modelled on the Berlin Mural Fest.


Marking the connection and a joint effort from Tbilisi and Berlin city halls for supporting the inaugural edition, street artists involved in the festival will heavily feature Berlin-based creatives.


Quinte55enz, artistic name for Thomas Granseuer and Tomislav Topic, will represent the German capital with their signature murals bringing together space-altering shapes and graffiti style.




Space is the fundamental inspiration for Quinte55enz. Their work not only uses shapes and patterns found in architecture, it interferes with its environment, changing the spectators perception” — Tbilisi Mural Fest


The duo has become known for using full-facade spaces in industrial areas to arrange abstract shapes making use of ideas from “painting, moving image, and installation” (Tbilisi Mural Fest).


They will be joined in the line-up by El Bocho, another recognised creator of murals in Berlin known for his work on canvas hung on building surfaces as well as designs on tiles.


Featured in numerous exhibitions in the capital city, other European locations and beyond, the Spanish-born artist has also authored publications on street art, illustration and cover design.




| In This Together | Long Beach, California, USA, 2018 Back in June I painted this piece inside the Long Beach Museum of Art. The #VitalityandVerve III exhibition is now gone and so is this piece. The #ThinkspaceFamily curated this exhibition as part of @powwowlongbeach 2018. It showcased the work of 21 international artists. Yet again @thinkspace_art proved that they know exactly what they do. Thank you Shawn and Andrew for your trust and support! Thank you a @lbmaorg for the opportunity and the epic show! Thanks to everyone that made their way out to the museum. Huge thanks to the photographers: Making off close up pic by @tashableu and my man @birdmanphotos is responsible for the other fotos #lbmaorg #longbeach #california #thinkspace #case_maclaim #powerofmovement

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Recipient of awards ranging from Society for News Design prize for newspaper illustrations to Golden Award of Montreux for project Go Beyond Borders with CNN International, he aims to create a “constant flow of communication” with viewers with his art.


Graffiti painter CASE Maclaim, known for combining photorealistic design with surrealist flavour, will also be in the artist roster for the Tbilisi event. He is recognised for his depiction of hands in detailed murals created using spray paint and a founder of Maclaim Crew collective representing photorealistic murals.


The creative, also known with his name Andres Von Chrzanowski, makes use of the style for achieving “the level of perfection his incredibly life-like graffiti possess” while symbolising notions of unity and power with the motif of hands.


These headlining artists are set to be joined by others in the festival which, beside the primary attraction of breathing new life into Tbilisi’s often drab concrete urban spaces, will hold meetings with the creatives as well as workshops for those interested in murals.


An open-air gig featuring Georgian artist Kordz will close the festival, which will run between September 17-25.