High Council of Justice dismisses opposition claim that 99% of election-related suits have been rejected

The High Council of Justice is responsible for the appointment of judges across the country and a number of other legal matters in the country’s judicial system. Photo: Ipress. 

Agenda.ge, 12 Nov 2020 - 14:25, Tbilisi,Georgia

The High Council of Justice of Georgia has stated earlier today that opposition politicians are ‘lying and trying to mislead people’ when they say that the court rejected 99 per cent of the opposition’s election-related suits.

The High Council of Justice stated that Georgian courts received 96 lawsuits following the October 31 parliamentary elections. 

60 of the 96 lawsuits concerned the annulment of election results in several polling stations or a recount of votes. More than 16 per cent of the 60 lawsuits were approved. The court said that election results in 17 polling stations must be recounted, while the election results in one polling station were annulled,” the High Council of Justice said. 

The High Council of Justice stated that more than 37 per cent of lawsuits concerned election complaints which were written by unauthorised individuals. 

Opposition parties are demanding repeat elections. Photo: Nino Alavidze/Agenda.ge. 

The lawsuits asked the court to allow the discussion of the complaints. 

The High Council of Justice says that per the election code, such complaints are automatically rejected. 

One of the leaders of the European Georgia opposition party, Sergi Kapanadze, stated yesterday that the court rejected most of their election lawsuits and the opposition have no legal ways to prove their allegations that the election results were falsified. 

The opposition took to the street following the October 31 parliamentary elections, accusing the Georgian Dream ruling party and the country’s Central Election Commission of fabricating the elections.