Georgian troops to be equipped with locally produced uniforms, accessories

About 360 employees will work in the textile factory to produce equipment and clothing for GDF troops. Photo via Ministry of Defence of Georgia., 01 Oct 2020 - 17:08, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Defence Forces will be equipped with locally produced uniforms and accessories, the Ministry of Defence has revealed in its latest move for upgrading and replacing equipment of the troops over the recent months.

Combat and daily uniforms, individual protection systems, casual and performance clothing, warm textiles and more will be produced at a textile factory through the Military-Technical Centre 'Delta', a private partner of the ministry.

The new initiative is made possible after a partial acquisition of textile producer Geomtex by Delta, and will save expenses for the ministry while providing "production of the highest quality" for the military, the MoD said in a release on Thursday.

Equipment like raincoats, windproof jackets, sweaters, hats, gloves, backpacks and bags will also be made at the factory - equipped with modern Italian- and Japanese-produced hardware - to provide GDF troops with necessary items. About 360 employees work in the textile factory established in 2015.

The news follows moves by the MoD over the recent months for upgrading, replacing and repairing hardware and equipment of the Georgian Defence Forces. This has included obtaining Spanish-produced drones, signing deals with Israeli companies for upgrading anti-air defence and air assets, and using Georgian companies to repair the GDF fleet of aircraft.

The textile production initiative also follows a 2016 project to equip Georgian army with locally produced armour vests and helmets - produced by Delta - for protection.