Hundreds of Georgian polyphonic recordings made available online

Over 4,000 audio recordings of ensembles and individual performers from across Georgia are available on the centre's page on Audiomack. Photo via State Folklore Centre., 30 Sep 2020 - 16:52, Tbilisi,Georgia

Examples of Georgian polyphonic singing, from folk songs from the western province of Adjara to religious hymns performed by some of the most well-known ensembles in the country, are now available online through efforts by the State Folklore Centre.

The cultural agency has made the use of the Audiomack music sharing platform to make its rich collections of polyphonic records available to users worldwide, with hundreds of tracks now discoverable on the website.

The recordings include albums by the popular Basiani Ensemble released in Georgia and France, Megrelian songs performed by singer Polikarpe Khubulava - recipient of Georgian state awards for his share in promoting folk music from his native region - and more.

Musical motifs of the Tbilisi Old Town streets, one of the most vivid cultural elements of the 19th century capital city, can also be found among the uploads, alongside a selection created for representing Georgia as the Guest of Honour at the 2018 Frankfurt Book Fair.

Mobile users can also download smartphone versions of the Audomack platform to listen to the recordings on the move, with both Android and iOS versions available.

The State Folklore Centre, a cultural agency with roots spanning back to 1936, also has recordings of Georgian polyphonic and folk singing available on their own website. The centre works to collect, research and promote examples of cultural heritage from folk and religious singing, verbal mythology, visual arts and choreography from across Georgia.