Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet launching new season with premiere

Artistic director Mariam Aleksidze and the company staged a number of productions in the realm of the coronavirus lockdown over the past season. Photo via Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet.

Agenda.ge, 01 Sep 2020 - 15:59, Tbilisi,Georgia

A bill of ballet miniatures and a premiere of a work based on late composer Giya Kancheli's music will open the new season of Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet this month, with the troupe setting out to incorporate experiences of the lockdown into their new creations.

The season will open on an impromptu stage in the inner yard of the Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia, a downtown Tbilisi venue of the Georgian National Museum network, set up to accommodate social distancing recommendations issued for cultural institutions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The partnership between the contemporary dance company and GNM will be centred around the premiere of Psalm, a 1993 work by Kancheli, an internationally celebrated composer who died last October.

A preview for the season-opening show from the troupe said the work illustrated a convergence of artistic work by Kancheli and Giorgi Aleksidze, a choreographer who led the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theatre troupe in the 1990s and is known for his work on chamber productions for dancers of the state company.

The plot by Aleksidze is based on an expression of the duality of human soul through plasticity, while the score by Kancheli establishes two positions - harmonic and disharmonic - for perception of life" - Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet

A focus on works by Aleksidze is a customary element for the contemporary company, led by the late choreographer's daughter Mariam and itself bearing the name of the ballet master. The young artistic director and the company also staged a number of productions in the realm of the pandemic lockdown earlier this year.

The staging will herald a focus on "precision and complexity" in choreography throughout the new season, the release by the company also said. Staging teams will work to effect novelties in traditional constraints between roles of dancers and their audience, stage boundaries and "relation between movement and beauty".

Dates for productions in the new season - the fifth for the 2016-established group - will be announced by the troupe on a rolling schedule, owing to pandemic restraints.