Tokyo display brings Georgian winemaking to virtual reality for visitors

  • Archaeological exhibits have been brought to the Tokyo exhibition venue to tell the story of viticulture in Georgia. Photo: Government of Georgia on Facebook., 15 Mar 2019 - 19:23, Tbilisi,Georgia

Residents and visitors of Japan’s capital Tokyo can now learn about Georgia’s ancient winemaking traditions in an interactive exhibition bringing the history within touching distance of visitors.


Launched at the city’s Terrada Warehouse exhibition venue, Georgia: Homeland of Wine uses Warp Square mixed reality technology to introduce the story of 8,000 years of viticulture on the territory of modern Georgia to museum-goers.


The technology connects viewers to the subject of the display using tactile interaction, enabling them to get closer to the iconic national culture.


The theme of Georgia as an ancient winemaking location is presented in Tokyo using “unique archaeological exhibits”, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia said.





Vessels used for production and storage of wine, including the iconic ‘qvevri’ buried in the ground, are showcased at the display. Photo: Government of Georgia on Facebook.


They are augmented by seminars from winemaking experts and master classes on Georgian supra feasting tradition. Tasting of Georgian wine is another element of the programme.


The Tokyo show is the latest chapter in a promotional project that serves to raise awareness on Georgia’s winemaking roots.


First launched in the wake of a 2017 discovery of 8,000-year-old jars used for wine storage south of today’s capital Tbilisi, the initiative has involved displays including at the La Cite du Vin gallery in Bordeaux.


Last year, a group of wine professionals from Japan visited Georgia to explore local winemaking techniques. Japan is one of principal export markets for Georgian wine.


The Tokyo exhibition will receive visitors through May 7.