Bordeaux museum celebrates Georgia as cradle of viticulture

  • La Cite du Vin will host the display on Georgian winemaking for three months. Photo: La Cite du Vin., 31 Jul 2017 - 17:53, Tbilisi,Georgia

The modern French gallery La Cite du Vin in Bordeaux is gearing up to open its doors to a three-month exhibition covering the rich history of winemaking in Georgia later today.


Exhibits from archaeological works, an installation of qvevri wine storage vessel and a series of photographs will illustrate the 8,000 years of viticulture in the country to the audience.

Hosts from the French venue and organisers from the Georgian National Museum (GNM) shared photographs showing the ongoing preparations for the launch over the last week.

An installation of qvevri vessel is being prepared for the display. Photo: La Cite du Vin.

Over the duration of the event, 125 archaeological exhibits, items of ethnographic significance, artwork and other material will go on display at La Cite du Vin.

GNM’s exhibition will mark a highlight on Georgia within the French venue’s Guest Wine Region series.

Georgian National Museum experts preparing exhibits ahead of the exhibition. Photo: Georgian National Museum.

The cycle of exhibitions, launched with the Georgian display, celebrates winemaking traditions and history from around the world.

Unveiled in 2016, La Cite du Vin is promoted as a "facility where wine comes to life through an immersive, sensorial approach”.

A work by Georgian painter Niko Pirosmani illustrating a feast with wine in the early 20th century Tbilisi will be part of the exhibition. Photo: Georgian National Museum.

Hosts and curators of the Bordeaux venue work to promote "the cultural, universal and living heritage that is wine” while focusing on "emotions, sensations and imagination” within their exhibition space.

The display Georgia, Cradle of Viticulture will host visitors through November 5.