Christmas dolls by artist Nana Kaulashvili on display at Art Palace museum

A handmade doll created by Nana Kaulashvili and selected for the Art Palace exhibition. Photo via Art Palace., 23 Dec 2019 - 19:08, Tbilisi,Georgia

A "Christmas tale" exhibition of handmade dolls by artist Nana Kaulashvili will start welcoming visitors to Tbilisi's Art Palace museum starting tomorrow, with the exquisite works complementing the unique venue in the downtown.

A selection of the crafts by Kaulashvili, who has exhibited at venues from Art Avenue in Tbilisi to the Czech embassy in the city and Museum Centre in Baku, to mark the festive season.

At the heart of the display will be dolls created by the artist and featuring detailed work on their appearance, clothing and accessories.

The exhibition is the latest for Kaulashvili, whose works have been seen by viewers in Georgia and abroad. Photo via Art Palace.

Ranging in expression, dressing and styling, the works have become a new icon for their creator, who began working on dolls in her pastime.

Opening on Tuesday at 7pm local time, the dolls will be on display with some of the works going up for sale. The museum's social media announcement of the exhibition already drew interest from local museum-goers interested in having some of the exhibits at their own homes.

While the dolls will be primary interest at the exhibition, the artist will also bring works of embroidery, paintings and handmade Christmas tree decorations to the venue.

A variation in appearance, styling and clothing marks the diverse results of the Georgian artist's work. Photo via Art Palace.

Kaulashvili created her first doll a generation ago, starting with textile before evolving to more complex material and techniques including polymer clay.

A signature element in her works is the detailed depiction of the eyes of dolls, with the creator herself regarding the part as "the most important" in the process.

Providing an equally impressive surroundings for the show, the event will be hosted at the Art Palace venue, nominated for the 2020 European Museum of the Year Award earlier this month. The exhibition is set to run through February 15 at the museum located at 6, Ia Kargareteli Street in Tbilisi.