Court sends shareholder, co-founder of Mtavari Arkhi TV, Giorgi Rurua to detention

Director General of of Mtavari Arkhi Nika Gvaramia considers that “firearm was planted on Giorgi Rurua”.  Photo: 1TV, 20 Nov 2019 - 23:08, Tbilisi,Georgia

Tbilisi City Court has sent Giorgi Rurua, one of the founders and shareholders of opposition-minded Mtavari Arkhi TV, to detention today.

Rurua was detained for illegal possession and carrying of a firearm on Monday, November 18. Illegal possession and carrying of a firearm is punishable by a fine or imprisonment of up to three years. 

The next court hearing has been scheduled for January 9, 2020. Rurua’s defense lawyer Dimitri Sadzaglishvili said he will appeal against the verdict at upper court.

Director General of Mtavari Arkhi TV Nika Gvaramia considers that Rurua’s detention is connected with the new TV channel, as Rurua holds 2.5 percent of the shares of Mtavari Arkhi.​​​​​​​

Leader of political party Girchi Zurab Japaridze announced that Giorgi Rurua was one of those, who financially supported anti-occupation protest rallies in downtown Tbilisi in late June.

Giorgi Rurua is the brother of late Nika Rurua, former United National Movement (UNM) official, who died last year at age of 50.​​​​​​​