13th Georgia Defence and Security Conference opens in Batumi

  • Four sessions dedicated to defence and security issues will take place during the conference. Photo: Eitvydas Bajarunas.

Agenda.ge, 6 Nov 2019 - 11:15, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian top officials, decision-makers, experts and foreign guests have gathered in Georgia’s coastal city of Batumi to attend the 13th Georgia Defence and Security Conference (GDSC) to discuss current defence and security issues and challenges.

The following sessions are scheduled to take place during the two-day conference:

  •  Rationalizing Evolving Security Environment in the Black Sea Region – the Georgian Ministry of Defence reports that Russia’s increased military build-up in the Black Sea region has encouraged NATO to bolster its presence in the area.

NATO has taken steps to strengthen the security of allies and partners in the region, thus the Black Sea region’s political, military and economic significance, as well as its security and stability has once again re-emerged,” the ministry said.

  • Georgia on the Right Track for NATO and EU Membership – the ministry says that the “firm decision of most Georgians” to join the European and Euro-Atlantic family continues to result in the “highest level” of popular support for NATO and the European Union in Georgia.

Are the allies and the member countries today encouraging and fairly treating those who - despite external pressure - firmly continue to uphold the values of freedom and democracy? Are we sending a clear message to Russia, who tries to create territorial divisions in Europe and resort to military force in order to restrict the freedom of nations to pursue their own future? The participants of this plenary session will be encouraged to talk about the NATO open door policy and the strategic momentum to extend an invitation to Georgia,” said the ministry.

  • Georgia’s Strategic Readiness: From Words to Action - on the way to NATO and EU membership, Georgia has developed a new approach which combines strategic readiness with principles that develop sustainable territorial defence and the required defence capabilities that are compatible with NATO standards, which will ensure swift integration of Georgia into the alliance once the membership invitation is extended, the ministry said.

This plenary session will be dedicated to the transformation process of the Georgian defence forces and the efforts of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia to improve its institutional capacity and modernize operational capabilities as well as the equipment of the defence forces.

  • Hybrid Tactics and Hybrid Threats- Walking a tightrope - the use of hybrid strategies, development of information operations and cyber capabilities have enabled Russia to direct its efforts towards shaping political narratives in many countries, the Ministry of Defence says.

The Defence Ministry writes that the session will be dedicated to analysing Russian hybrid tactics, with special attention on cyber issues.