Proposed bill would allow prisoners to study for Master’s degree

If the bill is approved by 76 MPs at least, prisoners will be able to study MA programmes. Photo: Shutterstock., 28 Oct 2019 - 11:51, Tbilisi,Georgia

 A bill presented by the Georgian Dream ruling party MPs allows inmates to receive a Master’s degree while in prison as the current law regulates the conditions and procedures only for Bachelor’s degree.

The current law, with the involvement of the Ministry of Education and Justice, offers procedures and conditions only for the Bachelor’s degree for inmates. There are no rules for a Master’s degree,” says the bill.

The bill reads that the Parliament’s Education Committee had received a letter from an inmate of the #16 prison, “who successfully passed exams for his MA degree earlier in 2019 and was unable to study due to the legal barrier.”

Mariam Jashi, Siphio Kiladze and Tamar Khulordava are the authors of the bill which will be presented in parliament later today.