Eclectic political party Girchi offers ‘solution’ to help unemployed taxi drivers

Political party Girchi has offered the alternative of a ‘shmaxi’ instead of regular taxis. The party says lots of people are interested in their offer. Photo: Girchi press office., 04 Oct 2019 - 13:11, Tbilisi,Georgia

Liberal political party Girchi has founded Shmaxi LTD and invited taxi drivers who have lost income due to the new taxi regulations to work for them. 

Head of the political party Zurab Japaridze says that unemployed drivers are able to sign a contract with Shmaxi LTD, ‘which is an education company.’ Drivers will then ‘speak with passengers about freedom.’

When an individual stops a Shmaxi they will have communication with a teacher, not a taxi driver, who will educate them about the benefits of freedom. The passengers will have to pay for the service, which will be quite the same as that which people pay for taxi services currently in the county,” Japaridze said.

He stated that those unable to ‘instruct’ will be given audio and video materials and they will be able to switch them on in the vehicle.

Police stops Shmaxi and then allows it to drive, Girchi said in its video.

People will pay according to listened time not a drove distance,” Japaridze said.

The vehicle used with the purpose has an identification mark “Shmaxi” on top of the vehicle instead of Taxi.

Girchi has aired a video in which a patrol police stops a Shmaxi car and does not fine it.

Tbilisi vice Mayor Irakli Khmaladze says that “what the political organisation does is entertainment, violation of regulations and misleading people.”

He says that all the vehicles with identification marks and no official permission will face administrative responsibility.