Georgian PM: Marijuana cultivation for medical purposes will be strongly regulated

  • Georgian PM Mamuka Bakhtadze confirmed that a draft law prepared by the Interior Ministry includes a section on marijuana export from Georgia for medical purposes. Photo: Prime Minister’s press office., 12 Sep 2018 - 11:12, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze has stated that an Interior Ministry initiative concerning marijuana export from Georgia for medical and cosmetic purposes will be strongly regulated.

Part of the legislation on marijuana consumption, which concerns marijuana cultivation in Georgia and export for medical purposes, will be under tough regulations to avoid chaotic and illegal processes,” Bakhtadze said.

Bakhtadze stated that after the decision of the Georgian Constitutional Court concerning the legalisation of marijuana consumption, he tasked the Interior Ministry to draft a bill which would impose restrictions on marijuana consumption in certain areas.

We will discuss the draft law today at the governmental meeting and then it will be sent to parliament [for approval],” Bakhtadze said.

To prevent damage to public interests and safety, it is essential the draft law be discussed in a timely manner, for the law enforcers to have effective levers of control on marijuana consumption. The public and especially the young generation should be protected from the possible negative influences of marijuana,” Bakhtadze stated.

Bakhtadze said that the draft law strongly prohibits marijuana consumption in public areas, public transport, in the presence of minors, near and in educational institutions and at work places. Public servants, teachers, doctors and representatives of other professions will face sanctions if they are found to be under the influence of marijuana. 

Individuals who will try to popularise marijuana consumption will be punished. Sanctions will become tougher for marijuana consumption advertising and popularisation,” Bakhtadze said.

Bakhtadze stated that drug dealing is another issue which will also be strongly punished by the criminal code.

 Interior Minister Giorgi Gakharia stated that the involvement of adults under 21 in marijuana consumption will be punished by the criminal code. 

He said that in the case of administrative violation of marijuana consumption an individual will face civil restrictions. One of the restrictions will be the prohibition of carrying of firearms. 

Gakharia vowed that his body would manage to carry out effective control on the marijuana cultivation process, which will be exported.