Interior Ministry takes steps to upgrade temporary detention facilities

The Interior Ministry has presented a plan for temporary detention facilities in Georgia. Photo from the Interior Ministry press office., 16 Feb 2018 - 16:23, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has presented a plan on how to upgrade standards in the country’s temporary detention facilities.

The ministry top figures spoke about the plan to representatives of the diplomatic corps, civil sector, and media today in the capital Tbilisi.

The scheduled activities covered infrastructural development of the facilities, modernization of existing video-control systems, better healthcare and nutrition for the people at the facilities, retraining facility staff, legal changes, and more.

Interior Ministry officials stated that:

  • Based on the legal change this month, video footage made in the facilities will be saved for up to 120 hours, instead of the current 24 hours. Consequently, the footage will reflect the whole time individuals are kept in a facility.
  • Renovation works have already been launched in the Tsalka, Chkhorotsku, Kobuleti, Samtredia, and Poti temporary detention facilities in the west of the country. When the works are completed the regions will have European-standard temporary detention facilities.
  • Outdated video-monitoring systems have been replaced by modern ones in six facilities and the process will continue.
  • A renovated facility will open in Akhalkalaki at the end of February. New temporary detention facilities will be built in Borjomi, Bakuriani, and Gudauri. Old buildings will be replaced with new ones in Zugdidi and Akhaltsikhe.
  • Medical staff will be available at all temporary detention facilities.
  • Two new facilities will be built in west and east Georgia for people with administrative charges. With this step, Georgia will meet international recommendations on that issue.
  • Trainings will be held to support high qualification of facility staff. Without an initial training, an individual will not be employed at the facility.