Interior ministry starts investigative system reforms

Presentation, regarding the reform of investigative systems. Photo: Ministry of Internal affairs., 21 Nov 2018 - 18:12, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Interior Ministry has started training and hiring staff for the investigative department as a result of reforms within the body.

The reform includes hiring new investigators and interns, as well as completing a revamping of staff-hiring procedures to select more highly-qualified employees.  

The ministry evaluated the qualification level of more than 1,200 investigators, and based on the evaluation came up with training courses:

“Of course, the absence of reforms influenced police activities”, Minister of Internal Affairs, Giorgi Gakharia said during the presentation, regarding the reform of investigative systems yesterday.

He said current criminal police reforms are separating investigative and district police activities, and that the Interior Ministry is ready to listen to all views and “very critical but fair remarks” to achieve improved quality in the police system.

“No type of reform has been carried out in the criminal police over the course of the past 15-20 years”, added the minister.

Gakharia admitted that the low qualification of the Interior Ministry staff in certain areas is a serious problem which must be addressed.