Anniversary Artisterium exhibition to bring contemporary artists to Karvasla

The 2018 edition of the exhibition is focused around painting. Photo: Artisterium., 08 Nov 2018 - 17:56, Tbilisi,Georgia

An anniversary edition of the Artisterium International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Georgia’s capital will conclude a decade of displays of the event starting tomorrow.

Marking the conclusion of 10 years of the series, the show will bring creatives from Georgia and abroad for six dates at two venues in the city.

Marking the final event in the current format and gearing up for a change in the annual gathering starting in 2019, organisers titled the upcoming display Artisterium As It Is.

This year’s artist exhibitions will mostly be hosted at the Tbilisi History Museum venue — also known as Karvasla — and feature a focus on painting.

In the opening date, three separate shows will be open for public at the museum located on 8, Sioni Street.

Curated by Magda Guruli, the principal display will bring together works by dozens of local and guest artists.

It will be flanked by Black Milk, Ostrava Contemporary, involving a group of Czech creatives curated by Pavel Forman and Tomáš Koudela.

Rounding off the selection, the third show will feature Georgian students of the Visual Arts, Architecture and Design School, curated by Salome Jokhadze.

Karvasla will also play host to Artist Talk series for the next two dates of the exhibition, involving two groups of participants. In another type of meeting, the VAADS students will get to join the established artists featured in this year’s Artisterium on November 13.

Switching location for the penultimate day, the anniversary exhibition will bring works by Ukrainian artist Dima Filatov to Dédicace Gallery near the Dry Bridge in downtown Tbilisi.

The show will be followed by the concluding event at Karvasla on November 18, where the Artisterium catalogue for the 2018 edition will be unveiled.

Launched in 2008, Artisterium exhibitions have been closely tied with the Karvasla venue and featured up to 1,000 works by local and foreign creatives. The annual editions have also been reflected in related catalogues.

Organised by the Artisterium Association, this year’s exhibition will run between November 9-19.