Contemporary Icelandic artists in Tbilisi History Museum display

The display has been brought to galleries across Europe over the recent years with revised editions featuring new works. Photo: Icelandic Art Center., 15 Oct 2019 - 18:35, Tbilisi,Georgia

Contemporary works by a group of artists from Iceland will be found at the Tbilisi History Museum as an exhibition previously seen at the Frankfurt Book Fair and galleries across Europe comes to the Georgian capital starting this Saturday.

Opening at the venue also known as Karvasla, the three-week exhibition titled Nasasjón will bring artwork by "six of Iceland’s most notable artists" (Icelandic Art Center) for the Georgian public.

It involves works in drawing, print, video and sculpture giving an insight into creations of the generation of artists from the country born in the 1950s.

Expounding the nuances of minimalism, abstraction and conceptualism, Nasasjón seeks to explore a commonality in their work, capturing, as the title suggests, a shared yet slightly elusive quality" - Icelandic Art Center

The group show involves creatives Ingólfur Arnarsson, Ívar Valgardsson, Kristinn G. Hardarson, Sólveig Adalsteinsdóttir, Rádhildur Ingadóttir and Tumi Magnússon, with their works curated by Rádhildur Ingadóttir and Tumi Magnússon.

'Two Talking' by Kristinn G. Hardarson, one of artists involved in the group show. Photo via Georgian National Museum.

Originally devised for Iceland's Guest of Honour programme at the major Frankfurt Book Fair in 2011, the display was created for Gallery Kim Behm, before it was presented with new works at the Peacock Visual Arts in Scotland and the Städtische Galerie Speyer in Germany.

[In the selected works there is] action, there is sometimes an underlying humour and playfulness, there is story telling, there is a conceptual approach, there is geometric thinking about the universe, there is colour, and there is some very sober and meticulous process concerning surface and perception - Icelandic Art Center

In Tbilisi, the group display will come in the framework of the Georgian National Museum project Contemporary Art Gallery, with the Karvasla venue being one of museum spots of the GNM network.

The project's previous displays include State of Play, featuring a group of Georgian artists in 2017, and Across the Caucasus, bringing a selection of creatives to Karvasla in 2016.

The opening of the exhibition on Saturday will have free admission, with the display set to run at the Karvasla - located at 8 Sioni Street, through November 12.