Language of art, expression and wider societal questions at heart of Tbilisi contemporary display

'Post.Digital.Dreams' follows contemporary art displays held by the Inbetweenconditions platform in Tbilisi over the past two years. Photo via organisers., 13 Dec 2019 - 19:17, Tbilisi,Georgia

Tbilisi's recently-launched Inbetweenconditions platform for contemporary art is launching three parallel displays on questions of artistic language, individual expression and their state in the realm of wider social and political conditions in the Georgian capital starting this weekend.

At the Art and Innovation Hub, Window Project and E.A. Shared Space venues 23 creatives will be part of the "new media" exhibition Post.Digital.Dreams to reflect on the nature of proliferation of digital information, "media manipulations", local political currents and more.

[W]hat is the role of our individual expression here and now? Where are we and where is the image of the post-post reality? Or what is the language of art, that we speak? Post.Digital.Dreams follows these questions in the process of thought and reflection," a preview for the display says.

In the first exhibition, opening on Saturday, 16 artists will be on show in a "dialogue format" of transformative global realities of matters from technological expansion to "constant online connection of time and space".

They will look to explore collective civilizational anxieties - "never [...] as close to materialization as today" - vague prospects for the future brought about by technology and social processes alike.

A still from the 2019 documentary 'The Sky Commodified', which will screen in a parallel event to the exhibitions. Image via organisers.

Three days later organisers will introduce six creatives at the E.A. Shared Space, with the line-up again drawn from local and foreign talent pool.

[The medium in this display] not only follows technological exploration, but is also closely linked to social and political issues of the local context and conveys particular meanings" - organisers of the exhibition

Between the opening show and a second group display, the work Look From My Perspective by artist Vasil Macharadze will host viewers at Window Project in a formation of a "stage for an experiment with perspectives and points of view, based on its architectural relativity".

Selection of works for all three exhibitions will be curated by Vato Urushadze, Khatia Tchokhonelidze and Giorgi Spanderashvili.

Along with the four events, Inbetweenconditions will also host a parallel programme where select artists from the shows will meet audiences for a talk at the Goethe Institute Georgia and a screening of The Sky Commodified, a documentary exploring "territorial complexities of the emerging astro-industry in the Chilean Desert", at the Cinema House.

The Post.Digital.Dreams displays will follow previous contemporary shows hosted through the Inbetweenconditions platform. In February it became the first art platform from Georgia to link itself with Transmediale, a major annual festival of media art in Berlin and hosted the German event’s cinema curator Florian Wüst for a talk in Tbilisi.

In 2018 the newly unveiled platform organised a multimedia display at Tbilisi’s KHIDI underground club, bringing works by artists centred around a new “diversity of creative expression”.

The Post.Digital.Dreams exhibitions will run at the Art and Innovation Hub address of 10, Dodo Abashidze Street, E.A. Shared Space destination at 10/2 Pavle Ingorokva Street and the Window Project location of 37, Shota Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi through January 24.