Museum of Fine Arts generational display showcases Georgian contemporary artists

The group show is the latest exhibition to open at the major new venue. Photo via Georgian Museum of Fine Arts., 24 Dec 2019 - 19:01, Tbilisi,Georgia

A selection of artists across generations is at the centre of an ongoing exhibition at Tbilisi's Georgian Museum of Fine Arts, where ties and points of intersection between their works seeks to trace aspects of the local scene.

At the major venue launched a year ago, works from 16 creatives paired by organisers are on show to introduce viewers to a "general systematisation" of the history of Georgian art in Hopskotch, the latest show in the contemporary space.

The task is achieved through an "experimental" combination of their styles and techniques uncovering "political circumstances, values and aspirations for change" - the principal themes of the display curated by Konstantine Bolkvadze.

[These] works by the diverse artists [form] an entire visual dialogue [and] are united under the same perceptions of form and colour, icons, emotional tonality, intertextualities, and artistic temper" - organisers' summary of the show

The display places a significance on representing a convergence between varied artists from different generations through forms found in their creative work. Two works by David Matchavariani are seen exhibited here. Photo via Georgian Museum of Fine Arts.

The selected range of works encompasses decades of creative process between the 1960s and today, with the exhibition highlighting a "common axis" between the involving artists while presenting a "polygonal ambience" of the outcomes of their work.

A wider prism of the display takes aim at the unstable social and political contexts the works were being created across the decades in Georgia, as well as the "fragmentary" nature of the local artistic scene.

In the given exhibition, the modus operandi of curatorial research and outlook is subjective. Visual structures like said game fall into the categories of losing and winning" - organisers of the display

Works by artist Tutu Kiladze as seen at the exhibition 'Hopskotch'. Photo via Georgian Museum of Fine Arts.

Organisers have paired the following artists in their selection for the generational exploration:

  • Ketevan Maghalashvili - Sopo Chkhikvadze
  • Natela Iankoshvili - Maia Baratashvili
  • Levan Tsutskiridze - David Matchavariani
  • Aleksandre Bandzeladze - Beso Uznadze
  • Koki Makharadze - Giorgi Kochiashvili
  • Otar Chkhartishvili - Tutu Kiladze
  • Ana Shalikashvili - Anuk Beluga
  • Levan Tchoghoshvili - Tamar Nadiradze

Launched at the new museum space - located at 7, Shota Rustaveli Avenue - on Friday, the exhibition will run through January 8.