PM says socially vulnerable children under 16 will receive five times more allowance

The Georgian PM says that the government is also taking genuine steps to improve general economic condition of all Georgian citizens. Photo: Prime Minister’s press office., 02 Nov 2018 - 15:20, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze has stated that children who come from socially vulnerable families and are under 16 will receive five times more monthly financial support, which amounts to 50 GEL instead of current 10 GEL.

Bakhtadze stated that 140,000 children will benefit from the change.

The PM said that the decision is not related to the election period.

The government discussed the issue in the summer, in the wake of the UNICEF survey, when we familiarised ourselves with the UNICEF recommendations,”  Bakhtadze said.

The key priority for the Georgian Dream team has always been a human. We have carried out genuine changes for healthcare and stated that significant changes would be carried out in the social protection policy,” Bakhtadze said.

Bakhtadze said that his government will do its utmost to ensure the protection of all children living in the country.

The new initiative has been agreed with the International Monetary Fund,” Bakhtadze stated and added that the increased allowance will be reflected in the state budget of the next year.

The PM hoped that the parliament will support the initiative.