Tbilisoba City Fest 2018 to be held on October 6-7

Tbilisoba 2017 celebration. Photo: N.Alavidze/Agenda.ge

Agenda.ge, 13 Sep 2018 - 17:17, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Tbilisoba City Fest 2018 will be held on October 6-7, Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze stated at the Tbilisi municipality governmental meeting today.

People from all over Georgia come to celebrate Tbilisoba City Fest. Photo: N.Alavidze/Agenda.ge

Kaladze said that touristic companies very often ask the city hall for the exact dates of the upcoming city festival because tourists are very interested in attending it.

“In the following years, Tbilisoba will be always held on the first weekend of October, it will become a tradition and this will make it easier for touristic agencies to prepare for the festival events’’, Kaladze said.

If you have never attended Tbilisoba before, you can look at photos of Tbilisoba  2017, taken by Agenda.ge-s photographer Nino Alavidze.

Tbilisoba is an annual public holiday celebrated in October. For two days the city hosts various cultural and sports events. The central streets of Tbilisi are full of people celebrating the festival. Visitors can try traditional Georgian wine, cheese and sweets.

Tbilisoba City Fest is a good opportunity to spend some nice time with family. Photo: N.Alavidze/Agenda.ge

The festival also includes the award ceremony of Tbilisi honourable citizens

.Tbilisoba was established in October 1979 and this year is the 38th edition of the festival.