Georgian PM calls on Russia to withdraw forces from country

Georgian PM Mamuka Bakhtadze stated that peace has no alternative and despite the occupation of Georgian territories Georgia should develop further as a European state. Photo: Prime Minister’s press office., 09 Aug 2018 - 14:13, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze has called upon Russia to withdraw its forces from historic Georgian lands while making a statement on the 10th anniversary of the Russia-Georgia 2008 war.  

It will be the most appropriate message for streamlining our relations”, the Georgian PM said.

Before the government meeting today Bakhtadze also stated that Russian aggression, the occupation of Georgian territories, human losses, tens of thousands of refugees and internally displaced people "are open wounds” for every single citizen of Georgia.

Going back to the Russia-Georgia war the PM stated that "these were the most tragic days”.

However, these days have shown that we will by all means achieve the goal commonly aimed at and aspired to by our country and our nation,” Bakhtadze said.
Our response to this aggression, this challenge, is peace and the building of a strong state, the development of public institutions of European quality and philosophy and of course the return of Georgia to its family - European civilisation”, Bakhtadze said.
Peace should not be threatened by anything in our country! Peace has no alternative,” he added.

Bakhtadze says that  despite the occupation Georgia should make steps towards a better future.

He stated that the Georgian government has launched several significant programmes and that will be complete with "ultimate success by all means.”

Bakhtadze referred to the visit of the foreign ministers of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine on the 10th anniversary of the Russia-Georgia war.

Our friendly nations and international institutions once again made clear statements in support of our country and values that we share and serve. I wish to once again express my enormous gratitude to our friendly nations for the solid support and assistance that they demonstrated again during these days,” Bakhtadze said.