One more arrested for allegedly helping IS-linked terrorist Chataev enter Georgia

The alleged terrorists were in a flat of a multi-story building. Locals have been evacuated from the building and nearby areas. Photo source: Giorgi Abdaladze/Facebook, 23 Jan 2018 - 10:08, Tbilisi,Georgia

The State Security Service of Georgia has arrested yet another man for allegedly helping Akhmed Chataev, an Islamic State-linked terrorist, enter Georgia.

The Counterterrorism Department of the State Security Service detained Georgian citizen Anatoli Berdzenishvili yesterday.

Based on the investigation, Berdzenishvili travelled to Turkey to assist Chataev and his group.

In particular, Berdzenishvili, together with Zurab Gornakashvili and Zurab Idoidze, drove Chataev and his accomplices from their temporary residential area to the Turkey-Georgia border near the Kirnati-Maradidi ‘green border’ (a section of border between crossing points).

Berdzenishvili is arrested for charges related to financing terrorism, provision of other material support and resources to terrorist activities. If proven guilty, the charges will send him to jail from 17 to 20 years or for life.

One suspected terrorist has been arrested and three killed during November's  anti-terrorist operation on Gabriel Salosi Street in Tbilisi. Photo source: Giorgi Abdaladze/Facebook

A large-scale counter-terrorism operation took place in the outskirts of Tbilisi on November 21-22, which saw three suspects killed, Islamic State terrorist Ahmed Chatayev among them, one suspect detained, one special unit serviceman killed and four others wounded.

The Security Service says Chatayev’s group planned terrorist attacks on diplomats in Georgia and Turkey.