Filmmaker Nino Shaburishvili’s short film ’Guest’ screens at French festival

A scene from Nino Shaburishvili’s film ‘Guest’. Trailer screenshot., 10 Jan 2017 - 18:21, Tbilisi,Georgia

A new short film by Georgian director Nino Shaburishvili is in the line up of an international competition at a French festival focusing on young cinema talent.

The Aubagne International Film Festival, scheduled to run in the south of France from March 20-25, will feature Shaburishvili’s 2016 work, Guest, in the short film category.

The film follows 10-year-old Andro who spends his summer days selling boiled corn to holiday-goers on Georgia's Black Sea coast. After a French family visiting his village invites the young boy for dinner, Andro is left with a lasting impression of his interaction with the guests.

See the trailer for short film ‘Guest’ below:

Shaburishvili’s film was a recipient of the Prize of International Animation Film Festival TOFUZI at the 2016 Batumi International Arthouse Film Festival.

It also screened among 400 submissions of the Aesthetica Short Film Festival in York (UK) last year and was featured at the Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival in France.

The official selection for short fiction at the Aubagne festival will be announced later this month, however the screening of Shaburishvili’s award-winning film in the Aubagne festival has already been confirmed.

The film follows 10-year-old Andro in a story unfolding on Georgia's Black Sea coast. Trailer screenshot.

Known for its focus on discovering and promoting young talent in the film industry, the annual festival will run in the Aubagne commune, located 10km east of Marseille.

Screening dozens of productions in the short animation and short documentary categories, the festival will also invite its audience to see short fiction films from directors across the world.

Apart from short works, the festival will also show feature films in a separate category.

In addition to its film program, the event will also offer participants industry-related events including workshops and roundtable meetings.

To reflect the festival’s focus on the connection between music and film, these occasions will include a master class for musical composition in cinema.