Director Nino Shaburishvili's debut feature among winners of Venice Biennale production platform

The Georgian filmmaker entered a 10-day residency for the platform in October, and cited the experience as having played a "decisive role" in the production of her debut feature. Photo: Nino Shaburishvili on Facebook, 23 Jan 2023 - 12:37, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian filmmaker Nino Shaburishvili's debut feature The Chaos of Silence will receive production support from a platform of the Venice Biennale, after the project became the first Georgian submission to be picked among winners of Biennale College Cinema on Thursday.

The production platform picked the four projects that will receive the full €200,000 financing out of 12 shortlisted submissions, with the winning films to be premiered at the anniversary 80th Venice International Film Festival this year.

The Biennale College Cinema platform hosted a workshop last week with the involvement of the production teams for the four projects - which, alongside Shaburishvili's feature, also include The Year of the Egg by Claudio Casale, Árni by Dorka Vermes and Firedream by José Pablo Escamilla.

Shaburishvili said her 10-day Biennale College residency - which began in October and involved her alongside the prize-winning director Tinatin Kajrishvili, who produces The Chaos of Silence - had played a "decisive role" in the production of the project.