Rescuers help two Azeri tourists and one local in a flooded river

The tourists had to phone emergency service as they could not swam over the flooded river. Photo by the Emergency Agency., 28 Jul 2017 - 13:41, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian rescuers from the State Emergency Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have managed to help two Azeri tourists as they appeared on the other bank of the River Chorokhi in western Georgia after the river suddenly flooded.

The tourists stated that an 8-member group of people were resting in nature when the river flew unexpectedly.

The tourists were in Adjara region. Photo by the State Emergency Service. 

 Six of the tourists managed to swim to the other bank, while the remaining two had to phone the emergency service.

A local, 50-year-old woman, who also appeared in the flooded river, on a single safe place, was taken out by rescuers.