Rabati Castle to host reenactment of medieval poem for Independence Day

Actors dressed in medieval costumes will bring scenes from the poem to life. Photo: Temo Dolidze/Facebook.
Agenda.ge, 26 May 2017 - 15:51, Tbilisi,Georgia

In one of the most unique events of today’s Independence Day celebrations across Georgia, scenes from the medieval epic The Knight in the Panther’s Skin will be reenacted at the Rabati Castle in the country’s south. 

Locals and visitors will be entertained at the popular medieval site by up to 50 actors and animators involved in theatrical shows starting at 4 p.m.local time.

The cast, including wrestlers and stunt actors, will bring to life a number of scenes from the 12th century poem by Georgia’s celebrated national poet Shota Rustaveli.

Actors rehearsed for the reenactment at the castle earlier today. Photo: Temo Dolidze/Facebook.

Performed on a backdrop of sets created for the occasion, the show is scheduled to reach its climax later in the evening.

The key scene, to be launched around 8:30pm, will see the participants storm the castle in a reenactment of the poem’s episode where one of its main protagonists is rescued from the fictional Kajeti Fortress.

Led by director Kakha Gogidze, the final dress rehearsal for the performance was held at the site earlier today.

The fortification will be 'stormed' later in the evening in a reenactment of a key scene from the epic. Photo: Temo Dolidze/Facebook.

The location for the show is the Rabati Castle in Georgia's Akhaltsikhe Municipality, about three hours drive west of capital Tbilisi.

The fortification was first first built in 9th century and expanded four centuries later.

It served as the capital of the medieval Samtskhe principality and was residence for generations of local rulers.

Banners illustrating scenes and characters from Rustaveli's poem at the Rabati Castle. Photo: Temo Dolidze/Facebook.

Celebrating Georgia’s Independence Day, the theatrical performance will also mark 850 years since the birth of Rustaveli.

The double anniversary will also feature other activities, including a "fire show” at Rabati later in the evening.