Hungary’s Foreign Minister: “NATO should open its door to Georgia, Macedonia”

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjartois urges NATO to honour its enlargement policy. Photo by Reuters., 25 Feb 2016 - 15:23, Tbilisi,Georgia

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) should complete its enlargement process allowing Montenegro into the Alliance, and keep its door open for Georgia and Macedonia, Hungary’s Foreign Minister said today.

International news agency Reuters quoted Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto as saying NATO was obligated to honour its open door policy for aspiring nations like Georgia and Macedonia, as long as the interested countries fulfilled necessary steps.

If NATO does not continue its enlargement process, that would also erode NATO's credibility significantly," Szijjarto told reporters today. 

Meanwhile Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki said joining NATO would bring economic prosperity for his country.