Gov’t offers free service to change or take new address

Georgian citizens who have problems with their address can visit the National Agency of Public Registry to fix their problem. Photo by N.Alavidze/, 19 Feb 2016 - 13:33, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian citizens can now take a new address or change their existing one free of charge following changes to identify all homes and business in Georgia.

Today Georgia’s National Agency of Public Registry said it would take less than 30 days for citizens to amend their address details. Previously this service was not free.

The Agency noted there were certain situations when individuals or property owners needed to take a new address or change their current one.

The Agency said:

  • There are people who have wrong addresses indicated in their official documents. These people they can make an application and we will amend their details;
  • People who face problems due to incorrect, duplicated or illogical addresses can appeal to us and we will grant a new number or address to their property; and 
  • There are buildings that have no address at all. This is evident in places with Italian courtyards where several families live in one area. In these cases we are able to offer them individual addresses. 

In cases where people change their details and subsequently have an old and new address, these people will not face any difficulties by having one property with conflicting addresses, as the Agency will save both old and new information.

The Agency, which operates under the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, said currently there were many people and businesses in Georgia. Offering the free, 30-day service would make it easier to register documents and solve the current address issues in the country. 

People can visit the National Agency of Public Registry for their address issue.