Defence Minister summarises 2016; sets goals for 2017

Georgia's Defence Minister summarises 2016 with media. Photo by MOD georgia, 30 Dec 2016 - 18:09, Tbilisi,Georgia

Safety of the citizens, country’s sovereignty and compatibility with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) are some of the top challenges of the country’s defence system for 2017.

This is how Georgia’s Defence Minister Levan Izoria summarised the implemented and ongoing reforms at the ministry at a press conference earlier today.

"Our reform serves the goal of strengthening the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration,” Minister Izoria told the journalists.

Defence Minister Levan Izoria said the ministry would support professional growth of the military personnel. Photo by MOD Georgia

Explaining the reasons for optimisation within the ministry, Izoria said "the institute of advisers” was abolished for ministers, their deputies and the general staff of armed forces. Izoria said the decision had saved millions of GEL. 

Moreover, the Minister said hundreds of military officers were given compensation, which totally composed two million 200,000 GEL. Those who were not fit for the military service could receive compensation.

Representatives of various media organisations asked question to Defence Minister Levan Izoria at a special press conference. Photo by MOD Georgia

Defence Minister said the ministry would support professional growth of the military personnel as well. 

In particular, significant steps will be made next year to help improve qualification of the young staff. Izoria said the step would strengthen the entire institution and give opportunity for further promotion. As a result, motivated youth could receive quality education in West to better serve their country.

Meeting with the media, Izoria also emphasised that military veterans will also be encouraged to find jobs after retirement. He promised to be personally engaged in the process with all his heart and mind.