Nino Basilia’s film ‘Anna’s Life’ wins major award at Spanish festival

Basilia's award-winning film 'Anna's Life' casts Georgian actor Ekaterine Demetradze in the principal role. Screenshot from the trailer for the film., 13 Nov 2016 - 14:38, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian filmmaker Nino Basilia collected another international award after her feature film Anna's Life won the principal prize at an emerging Spanish film festival on Saturday.

Basilia's 2016 film collected the Best Feature Film prize at the Mallorca International Film Festival, held on Spain's Balearic Sea island Mallorca from November 3-12.

The festival was promoted by its organisers as "the fastest growing competitive, international film festival in the Mediterranean".

See the trailer for Nino Basilia's feature film 'Anna's Life' below:

The film festival screened 80 films from 20 countries over ten days - this included a screening of Anna's Life on November 8.

The Best Feature Film award was one of 17 prizes of the festival. After all films were screened the jury revealed the most fascinating actors, documentaries, short films and more.

The screening of Anna's Life in Mallorca was part of the film's ongoing screenings in three European countries.

The award-winning feature was part of the Arras Film Festival in France and at the Film Festival Cottbus in Germany, with both occasions concluding today.

The film follows a young single mother named Anna who works several jobs to fund professional care for her autistic son. Struggling with the task she decides to take a chance by moving to the United States and taking him with her, however she will need to trust a man promising to obtain papers for her travel. 

Last month the film claimed the Special Jury Prize at the International Crime and Punishment Film Festival in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Earlier this year the feature won the Merit Award at the Construir Cine International Film Festival in Argentina's capital Buenos Aires.