See autumn turn to winter in Georgia’s picturesque Goderdzi resort (VIDEO)

A sight of snow-covered mountains in Goderdzi winter resort. Screenshot from the video., 03 Nov 2016 - 18:53, Tbilisi,Georgia

Eye-catching sights and scenes of the Goderdzi mountain resort in Georgia's west are now part of a new video released online by well-known Georgian cameraman Nika Lebanidze.

The footage was released by Lebanidze earlier today and shows picturesque shots of the Goderdzi Pass in Georgia's Adjara region, a brand-new winter resort location.

Located in Adjara's Khulo municipality, a new ski resort at Goderdzi opened in December last year.

See the video showing the captivating beauty of Goderdzi Pass below:

Lebanidze's video of the mountain resort shows valleys, rolling hills and forested areas as they change from autumn to winter. The timelapse video also shows the area become covered with thick layers of snow.

Located 2,366m above sea level, Goderdzi mountains experienced about 60cm of snow this week. Snow is common at Goderdzi - it's covered by an average of 6-7m of snow between November and April.

The new resort is subject of a major development plan led by the Georgian Government that will see the area be capable of hosting 7,000 tourists simultaneously.

Lebanidze, an extreme sports cameraman, has gained a reputation in Georgia for his capturing of incredible video footage. In recent years he has worked on famous video productions during his international collaborations with iconic people and brands including Russia's base jumping legend Valery Rozov and energy drinks company Red Bull.

The Georgian became part of a record-breaking mountain peak leap by Rozov last month when he captured on video Rozov's jump from Mount Cho Oyu, located on the border between China and Nepal.