Georgian Nika Lebanidze climbs 7.7km peak to capture base jumping record (VIDEO)

Georgia's Nika Lebanidze (R) captures footage of the new world BASE jump record set by Russia's Valery Rozov earlier this month. Screenshot from Red Bull Content Pool video., 25 Oct 2016 - 16:40, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian extreme sports cameraman Nika Lebanidze became part of a record-breaking mountain peak leap by a world famous base jumper earlier this month, with the Georgian capturing the feat on lens.

On October 5 Lebanidze found himself on the peak of Mount Cho Oyu, situated on the border between China and Nepal, alongside Russia's Valery Rozov, a global base jumping legend. The extreme sport involves parachuting or wingsuit flying from cliffs or mountaintops.

At an altitude of 7,700m above sea level, Mount Cho Oyu is the world's sixth highest.

See the record-breaking BASE jumping leap from Mount Cho Oyu below:

The Georgian cameraman captured Rozov as he leapt off the mountain peak and his subsequent descent, falling from 7,700m to 6,000m, which broke a 2013 base jumping altitude record - also set by the Russian - by 500 metres.

The jump was the finishing touch of a complex expedition that began with the record-breaking attempt group face face difficult conditions on their way up the peak.

Climbing Cho Oyu is no small accomplishment on its own, let alone base jumping from the top of the south-west wall," stated a Red Bull extreme sports report on the jump.
A recent dump of fresh snow and a few days of very bad weather meant the group were unable to reach the exit spot at the first attempt. They had to wait a full week before being able to make another attempt." 

Watch this video shot by Lebanidze and a team of cameramen in collaboration with Red Bull Turkey showing wingsuit jumping:

In recent years Lebanidze has worked with Rozov on several record-breaking base jumping attempts and captured other extreme sports on film in all parts of the world including the Mount Ushba peak in Georgia's Caucasus Mountain range.

The Georgian has also collaborated with Red Bull on various video productions showcasing extreme sports and racing.

See a promotional video featuring Red Bull's Formula 1 racing team, shot by Nika Lebanidze and other camera operators:

Lebanidze's collaborations with Red Bull occurred via Case Productions studio based in Turkey for several video productions, while the Georgian has also worked directly with the Austrian energy drink brand on other occasions.

See a Red Bull video featuring a parkour free runner and vehicle drifting driver, shot partly by Nika Lebanidze in Kuwait: