Georgia’s Road Department: "Time to put winter tires on cars"

Mtskheta-Kazbegi-Larsi road is the only rout connecting Georgia with Russia. Photo by Georgia's Road Department., 26 Oct 2016 - 12:25, Tbilisi,Georgia

Drivers from all over Georgia are advised to put snow tires on their vehicles if they intend to travel along roads in the country’s north and east.

Today Georgia’s Road Department announced restrictions had been imposed on several roads due to heavy snow and ice.

The Mleta-Kobi section of the Mtskheta-Kazbegi-Larsi road that connects Georgia with Russia is closed for truck and trailer units, semi-trailers and vehicles that can carry more than 30 passengers.

Other vehicles are allowed to move along this section of road only if they are fitted with anti-skid chains. There are no restrictions for vehicles with 4-wheel drive.

Mtskheta-Kazbegi-Larsi road connects Georgia with Russia. Photo by Georgia's Road Department. 

The Roads Department warned citizens that snow had started falling on the Gombori Road Pass, connecting eastern Kakheti region with the rest of Georgia. Movement is not restricted there but citizens were advised to fit snow tires on their vehicles or use chains.

Heavy snowfall caused minor problems near Bulachauri, a small settlement in eastern Dusheti district.

Snow is currently falling in other parts of the country including in parts of capital Tbilisi.