Elections 2016: Final results expected by October 27

On October 8 Georgian citizens voted to elect the 150-seat Parliament of Georgia, 77 members through party lists and 73 in the majoritarian districts. Photo by Nino Alavidze/Agenda.ge
Agenda.ge, 11 Oct 2016 - 11:42, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s Central Election Commission (CEC) has counted all votes cast in Saturday's Parliamentary Election.

As of 11am today, October 11, three parties received enough votes to gain seats in Parliament.

The current preliminary results for Georgia's Parliamentary Elections 2016 are:

  • Georgian Dream – 48.668%
  • United National Movement – 27.111%
  • Alliance of Patriots – 5.006%

Although all votes have been counted, the CEC said these results were preliminary and not final. The reason for this is Precinct Election Commissions (PECs) are continuing to make official changes in their respective protocols (ballot box record cards) after finding out errors were made while election staff filled in official paperwork.

Meanwhile based on complaints submitted to CEC, the Commission has nullified the results of six polling stations mainly due to procedural mistakes made by PEC members.

Of these six stations, both party and majoritarian votes were void at five, while at the sixth station only party votes were deemed invalid.

Among the affected polling stations was #48 polling station in Kizil-Ajlo village in Marneuli, southern Georgia where a clash inspired by opposition supporters forced the polling station to close earlier than 8pm. This meant voters who appeared at the ballot box in the final hours of Election Day couldn’t vote.

The CEC has not yet finished discussing all complaints submitted by parties and observers. The counting of the election results cannot be finalised before this process is over.

The CEC must announce final election results by October 27, 2016.