DEVELOPING NEWS: CCTV cameras film suspect in UNM MP car explosion in Tbilisi (VIDEO)

CCTV camera recordings show the person allegedly responsible for planting an explosive device inside the car of an opposition MP. Screenshot from CCTV camera recordings., 08 Oct 2016 - 00:22, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s Interior Ministry has released CCTV camera recordings allegedly showing the person responsible for planting an explosive device inside the car of an opposition MP in central Tbilisi on October 4.

A short time ago the Interior Ministry issued a statement accompanied by a video, claiming the case of the explosion of MP Givi Targamadze's vehicle had been solved. They identified but did not name the alleged offender or his relationship to UNM MP Targamadze.

  • The video made of CCTV camera recordings showed the suspect driving from Tbilisi’s western Gldani district to the city centre.
  • The suspect then parked his car near Alexander Park in the city centre and walked towards the MP’s car. He passed the car and disappeared before reappearing in eight minutes. He walked into a shop, bought some water then walked towards the park again.
  • Soon MP Targamadze and his driver could be seen leaving the UNM office and approaching Targamadze’s car. Once the pair got into the vehicle and the driver started the engine, the suspect left the park and approached the car from the right side, looking into the front window. The Ministry said the suspect was "making sure Targamadze was inside the car”.
  • The blast happened several second after this.

The Ministry’s statement said police were currently searching the suspect’s apartment and other houses owned by people connected to him.

As a result of searching law enforcers seized various types of firearms, hand grenade and presumably explosive materials, as well as materials needed for producing explosives, magazines, cartridges and masks,” the Interior Ministry's statement said.

The statement noted during the investigation forensics conducted a detailed examination of the crime scene and dozens of witnesses were interrogated.

Investigative activities enabled law enforcers to identify the person involved in the blast. Within the frame of our investigation, other important information was also obtained, which can’t be disclosed to the public at this time," the statement read.

Meanwhile the current whereabouts of the suspect is unknown. 

At this stage operative-investigative activities are being held in order to detain him,” said the Ministry. 

Five members of the public were injured and taken to hospital suffering various injuries after Targamadze's car exploded in central Tbilisi on October 4.

It appeared a bomb had been planted in the boot of the vehicle. Targamadze was sitting in the front passengers seat and suffered minor injuries in the incident.

The explosion happened just after 8pm local time near the UNM office in central Tbilisi.

An investigation was launched for 'attempted murder under aggravating circumstances'.