Ruling party: There are people in Georgia who will do anything to seize power

Irakli Kobakhidze, Executive Secretary of Georgia’s ruling Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia party. Photo source: GeorgianDreamOfficial/Facebook, 05 Oct 2016 - 14:51, Tbilisi,Georgia

A top official within Georgia’s ruling party says the explosion of an opposition MP’s car in central Tbilisi last night, which injured five people, is "directly connected to the on-going political and election processes” in Georgia.

Irakli Kobakhidze, Executive Secretary of the Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia party issued a statement this afternoon and called last night’s act a "serious crime”.

"The ultimate motive of the crime must be established by investigators [but] we have firm grounds to believe this act is directly connected with the ongoing political and election processes in Georgia,” Kobakhidze said.
"It is alarming that immediately after the criminal act, representatives of United National Movement voiced allegations towards the Georgian Dream and the Government [alleging responsibility],” Kobakhidze said and added he must respond to these false allegations.
"Yesterday’s act strengthened our belief that there are people in Georgia who are willing to do anything for their excessive desire to seize power.”

Kobakhidze "strictly warned” such people to say no to "criminal intentions” and to not cast a shadow on the democratic election process.

Later this afternoon United National Movement oppositional party planned to hold a rally in central Tbilisi.

Meanwhile Kobakhidze called on all local and international monitoring missions to closely observe the UNM rally, as well as the election environment over the next three days and be fully aware of any attempt to destabilise the calm environment or cause provocations.