Heavy rain hits western Georgia

The central road in Sulori, Vani is washed away by the river, 150 locals are isolated. Photo by National Environment Agency's press office.
Agenda.ge, 08 Jul 2016 - 16:34, Tbilisi,Georgia

The streets in Georgia's Black Sea coastal town Batumi in the western Adjara region are flooded with water; basements and the lower floors of dozens of houses are flooded and water-logged roads are causing chaos for motorists wanting to move throughout the city. 

Heavy rain hit has fallen over the city since early this morning, making moving around the city difficult for vehicles and pedestrians.

About 160 residents phoned the Batumi Emergency Service asking to help pump water away from flooded areas. Around 100 rescuers are currently working in affected areas and all relevant governmental bodies are on high alert.

Some restrictions are in place on roads leading into and out of the city. These restrictions were imposed due to raging flood waters on the central highway. A landslide occurred near a tunnel on the main road connecting Batumi with Kobuleti, but the area was cleaned shortly afterwards.

Batumi streets were full of water from the early morning. Photo by Ruslan Tsenteradze. 

Five families were evacuated and 320 houses are now isolated as the result of the flood in Shuakhevi municipality in Adjara region.

The raging Gudnistskali River in Uchamba Gorge destroyed the newly restored bridge and damaged nearby road infrastructure.

In Shuakhevi municipality, this bridge was washed away by the river. Photo by Adjara TV. 

The severe weather and the river bursting its banks also caused damage in Vani municipality in Imereti region. The central road in Sulori village was washed away by the river and as a result around 150 residents lost contact with the rest of the country.

Weather experts forecast the rainy weather would continue in western Georgia until July 12.