Pension increases 65% for 713,000 people in Georgia

Next year the pension is increasing to 180 GEL for the majority of Georgia's retired citizens, while those in high mountain areas will receive 216 GEL per month. Photo by N. Alavidze/, 01 Jul 2016 - 12:21, Tbilisi,Georgia

About 35,000 people in Georgia will receive increases pension from today following the Government’s pledge to allocate an additional 90 million GEL y/y for Georgia’s retired community and disabled persons.

From today, July 1, 2016 the Government has allocated 1.57 billion GEL from the state budget for pensions and social support. This was 120 million GEL more (8.3 percent) than what was allocated in 2012, where the state spent 1.45 billion GEL on this.

Georgia’s Minister of Health, Labour and Social Affairs Davit Sergeenko announced the increased pensions would assist several groups of people including the elderly, the elderly in the high mountain areas and people with disabilities.

From July 1 the pension is increasing for disabled persons, including a group of the most vulnerable disabled children over 18 as well as all disabled children younger than 18. The pension is increasing for the retired community as well. The pension will be 180 GEL for all of the above mentioned groups,” said Sergeenko.

In the past year the state pension increased by 20 GEL to a new monthly total of 180 GEL for Georgia’s retired community. From today the pensions of hundreds of thousands of Georgia’s oldest residents will have increased 65 percent compared to 2012.

Georgia currently has 33,000 more retired people than in 2012. The pension is available to women aged 60 and older and men aged over 65.

We should mention that the number of retired people in Georgia has increased. If there were 680,000 retired people in Georgia in 2012 today there are 713,000 retired people,” said Sergeenko.

Meanwhile, those retired people living in Georgia’s mountainous regions will receive an additional pension increase from September 1, taking their social aid up 20 percent to a monthly total of 216 GEL.

The state pension previously increased in September 2015 by 10 GEL, lifting it up to 160 GEL.