Two large Chinese firms help revive Georgia’s tea industry

  • Georgia's Ministry of Agriculture and two Chinese firms penned the deal today. Photo by Georgia's Ministry of Agriculture., 12 May 2016 - 17:21, Tbilisi,Georgia

Two major Chinese companies are helping revive Georgia tea industry by developing an industrial- commercial, and cultural-tourism project to support the rehabilitation of tea plantations and improve the quality of tea produced in Georgia.

This morning Georgia’s Ministry of Agriculture, state-owned shareholding company the Partnership Fund (PF) and two Chinese companies - Beijing Jinfenghengye Agricultural Development Co Ltd and Xinjiang Hualing & Trade (Group) Co Ltd signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

By signing the MoU, signatories committed to jointly create a tea industrial-commercial and cultural-touristic project that would revive Georgia’s tea industry.

Specifically, the project aimed to support and develop tea production, improve the quality of tea produced in Georgia, employ more people in the regions and raise the skillset and experience of people who could plan and grow tea plantations.

Georgia and China have 100 years of history of tea producing, friendship and cooperation. Our country has the best conditions for developing tea production. It is also very important that Georgia has this great opportunity to position itself in Asian and European markets,” said head of the PF Davit Saganelidze.

He noted the project would also be beneficial for boosting Georgia-China bilateral relations and foster cooperation in the New Silk Road strategy, which envisioned re-establishing the old trade route from east to west.

The two Chinese companies who signed the MoU with Georgia today have a vast history and proven track record of developing agriculture in China and in other countries.

Beijing Jinfenghengye Agricultural Development Co Ltd is a large Chinese firm that specialises in developing agriculture and selling agricultural products.

Xinjiang Hualing & Trade (Group) Co Ltd it is a multi-profile company that owns wholesale trade centres and also works to develop China’s agricultural sector.

The latter is currently the largest Chinese investment company in Georgia, said Georgia’s Ministry of Agriculture.