Georgian citizens offered free ID cards ahead of elections

ID cards generally cost 30 GEL (about $13 or €12). Photo by Ministry of Justice., 03 May 2016 - 14:38, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Government is offering citizens the chance to obtain an identification (ID) card for free in a bid to ensure all citizens are on the electoral role.

The Minister of Justice announced all Georgian citizens can get an ID cards free of charge from May 26 to June 26. 

Today Minister Thea Tsulukiani said this initiative served to ensure "more refined” election lists and provide more precise information about each voter.

She stressed this was one of several steps the current Government of Georgia had taken to update and rectify any mistakes on election lists.

Tsulukiani noted the Government had taken similar steps ahead of the 2014 local government elections but more action was being taken to ensure the latest electoral role was as accurate as possible. Because of this the election lists for the October Parliamentary Election will be "the highest quality” compared to other previous lists.

Georgia’s Ministry of Justice started issuing ID cards in 2011, under the previous state leadership. Any Georgian citizen who wished to take an ID card must visit any Public Registry office or Public Service Hall. 

ID cards generally cost 30 GEL ($13.45/€11.85). Cards are issued in about 10 working days. If a person wants a card fast-tracked, the cost increases:

  • In five working days - 40 GEL ($18/€15.80);  
  • In three working days - 50 GEL ($22.40/€19.70); 
  • In two working days - 60 GEL ($27/€23.70); 
  • In the same day -65 GEL ($29.10/€25.70). 

* Currencies are equivalent with today’s National Bank of Georgia exchange rate.